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Lorena B

Spain Age Debut: 25


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Starfire 1 year ago

Love Lorena B .
More girl-girl and solo films please.
Awesome films adore watching them.


Julio 2 years ago

Lorena had to show some of the girls how to do the damn thang! Always gotta have a sexy ass Latina to bring things to life!


Queeniesdk 2 years ago

Just wish you would show some B/G with Lorena B


Rose 2 years agoCommunity Staff

Lorena doesn't shoot boy-girl... but we live in hope :-)


zagboppa 2 years ago

It's been a while since my last visit here,and it is with a sense of massive relief in looking through the recent presentations that Lorena has stayed with ladies only and not got involved otherwise.
Some folks just don't like that B/G stuff and there's plenty of it around without everyone getting mixed up in the mainstream ordinary type of malarkey...
I'm here for ladies only,and with Candice Luka and Sabrisse and Lorena and Gracie all doing their marvellous,it's a real good trip.


BlueBaron 2 years ago

Had I not heard the "too beautiful for porn" label used, and used often, in interviews with people in the industry, I wouldn't dare. Besides, there's something more believable and authentic about performers who are lovely and great performers who don't necessarily peg the beauty meter.

But what can you say about a woman who's a splendid performer and is....well...too beautiful for porn? *grins*


Mimi17 3 years ago

Lorena is a natural beauty


Photo Shoot 3 years ago

In 2017 I want to see Lorena in a movie just with a man. There is one movie here with a man but she is the lure to bring him to other women. I want to see a man make love to Lorena and Lorena make love to the man. Wow that would be wonderful!


Big Jilm 3 years ago

Bring her back for b/g scenes, regardless of the cost. the most beautiful women ever


Lord John Whorfin 3 years ago

Please tell me we will see more of Lorena in 2017. She is one of the most amazing performers on Sex-Art. She needs to be in one of the "Be My Slave" videos, or maybe in a "Vox" video.


shah 3 years ago

I love Lorena, she is a perfection.. I havemany photos of her..
Please Lorena, if you read this message, open a Snapchat, Twitter ♥


shah 3 years ago

She have a twitter, instagram or other please ?..


Rose 3 years agoCommunity Staff

She doesn't, Shah – she's not into it. If you click on the 'interview' icon at the top of the page you can find an interview where you can learn a bit more about her :-)


shah 3 years ago

ok thx :)


doggleboon 3 years ago

I don't know how much it would take to convince Lorena to do a b/g film, but whatever she wants just pay it. She's worth it.


Rose 3 years agoCommunity Staff

I predict it will never happen, Doggleboon – but look out for next Wednesday's movie. It's the closest we're ever going to get, and it's breathtakingly hot!


Mimi17 3 years ago

If she is straight why doesn't she do b/g? It doesn't make any sense. Especially if she doesn't have a partner. She loves women for sure.


Rose 3 years agoCommunity Staff

A lot of models don't like to do b/g, whether they are straight or bi. They like to keep something private, for themselves. I get it, and I would never want a model to do something she wasn't comfortable with on screen. But of course I hope one day Lorena will decide to do b/g! :-)


doggleboon 3 years ago

I get it too, but now that she's let us watch her bring herself to orgasm with a 9-inch dildo, what's left to keep private? ;-)


Mimi17 3 years ago

I certainly wouldn't like Lorena to do anything she isn't comfortable doing! I love watching her with women. That's good enough for me.


Shadrack 4 years ago

Surely the air, the soil, the blood of Spain must be blessed to produce this outstanding beauty. Not just beautiful, she is also fascinating, able to act the innocent or the predator. She is passion, beauty, eroticism. Lorena, we love you.


bubba21 4 years ago

The hottest girl to ever do porn. Get her to do a B/G scene, no matter the cost!


cliptaak 4 years ago

Beautiful, sensual woman. One of my favorites!

@Sex-Art - Team,
Please, i would love to see some dildo (solo) scenes with her.


sensuoustel 4 years ago

LorenaB is one of the best models on this site, I can't believe she is stilll not no1. She is so genuine and her smile glows and she is as sensuous and sexy as hell in equal measure. Delicious bum too. Have downloaded many of the films she is in. Many is HD. Luscious Drops and Be Mine remains favs.


PalmaGo 4 years ago

Would love to see some 4K video of Lorena. She is really sexual!


ABRanger 4 years ago

Ah little one, let me teach you about life, love and....pain.


Catcher46 5 years ago

Love your sweet smile. It impresses me that you seem always to be enjoying what you do even though it may seem like work to you. Your eyes and your smile always seem to be like you were in heaven. I would love to be in heaven with you but alas, I may be a disappointment. I am 68 years old and while I enjoy your photos and your movies and find you irresistable, my abilities sometimes are less reliable than my deires. You I am sure could encourage me if only I were with you. I can dream and I do. You are certainly lovely.


Rose 5 years agoCommunity Staff

Catcher, did you see my interview with Lorena on the blog? Her personality is as delicious as her looks - she's a dream girl for sure :-)


e7yyuf9p 5 years ago

love this girl I hope there's a video for the birtua photos


luky5551 5 years ago

Clearly best model this site has to offer. Missing new videos with her. There have been only new photoshoots since may and sadly not any new movie... Please add here new movie with Lorena. I miss videos with this Sensual Goddess. Women as sexy and beautiful as Lorena are rare these days so as long as there is going to be new content from her, I´ll be happy person. Lorena, you are the best of the best!!!


mich 5 years ago

Dear Lorena, you have the sweetest face of all the models on this site!


Online5 5 years ago

Lorena B. is easily one of the most beautiful women in the world. She reminds me of a girl I went out with in 1976, who had placed 2nd in Miss Teen Louisiana, USA in '74 or '75. She was also was as horny as Lorena seems to be.


mep1 5 years ago

The best model on this site! Miss seeing her.

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